Educating for social development

Founded in 2004, El Nahual Community Center seeks to empower and educate the marginalised communities of Quetzaltenango by offering free classes to children and adults in Spanish, English, Art, Mathematics, Music, Sport and more.

We believe that education can improve the lives of marginalised and low-income communities through promoting social development, awareness and change.

To achieve this, El Nahual offers free education to marginalised and impoverished children in the surrounding areas of Quetzaltenango.

Education in Guatemala

In Guatemala, elementary and secondary education is either private (expensive) or public (poor quality, underfunded). In a public school, a teacher is responsible for up to 60 students in each class, with minimal teaching materials and resources. Therefore, the quality of education for children in marginalised and low-income communities is substandard.

Avivara, an NGO aimed at improving education in Guatemala, has more information on the education system in Guatemala.


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