We hope to keep being able to provide free education to disadvantaged members of our community and we need your help to continue doing this work! Please support us in lifting our community members out of poverty through education.

Please note that donations with no specification, or with a need that is fulfilled, will be utilised where most needed. These general funds are essential for providing children with quality, funded education.

Below is a non-exhaustive summary of what donations can directly provide for the children:

  • USD 50 – upgrade all English teaching materials including flashcards, worksheets, whiteboard markers, wall posters and games. All purchased from a local school supplies store.
  • USD 100 – minor repairs and upgrades to classroom furniture including whiteboards, posters, tables and chairs.
  • USD 150 – purchase a new exercise book, pen, pencil, eraser and ruler for each El Nahual student from a local school supplies store.
  • USD 200 – renew El Nahual’s volunteer website for another 3 years, increasing the potential to recruit new volunteers and receive donations.
  • USD 500 – contribute to El Nahual teacher salaries to continue teaching students in all subjects.
  • USD 1000+ – contribute to funding expansion of El Nahual to increase quota of students and construction of more classrooms.

How can I donate?

  1. International Bank transfer

Please contact us directly by email at to get information on sending donations by international bank transfer.

2. Send supplies

We readily welcome physical donations to assist with our educational programs. Items in constant demand include:

  • School uniforms
  • Stationery
  • Teaching materials
  • Sports equipment
  • Construction and building materials
  • Laptops, desktop computers and accessories

Please contact us directly by email at to get information on sending supplies.

Our El Nahual community thanks you for your donation!

Your donation enables us to continue providing free education, maintain our school facilities, and provide much needed school materials.