Our Programs

At El Nahual we offer various opportunities for children from surrounding areas to attend school and learn for free. The majority of our students come from marginalised and low income families, barely able to make a living. Without El Nahual, these students (with very high ambitions) would not learn any foreign languages.

Students can learn for free due to funding from volunteers and foreigners paying for Spanish lessons. We offer free English classes for every student, courtesy of dedicated volunteers.


  • Our educational programs involve teaching English (by volunteers), Spanish grammar, Mathematics, Science, Art, History, Music, Sport and more for children.
  • We also operate an after-school program for young children - "Manos de Colores". Here volunteers can assist in a range of activities of their interest, including art, sport, theatre, music and more.
  • We also operate a program for volunteers to teach English to older youths and adults in the evening on weekdays and on weekends at the Center.

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