Our Programs

At El Nahual we offer various opportunities for children from surrounding areas to attend school and learn for free. The majority of our students come from marginalised and low income families, barely able to make a living. Without El Nahual, these students (with very high ambitions) would not learn any foreign languages.

Students can learn for free due to funding from volunteers and foreigners paying for Spanish lessons. We offer free English classes for every student, courtesy of dedicated volunteers.


Learn Spanish

El Nahual is dedicated to offering volunteers and foreigners excellence in Spanish language study and opportunities to learn about life in Guatemala. Our aim is that each and every one of our students has a fantastic experience here in Quetzaltenango. The fees paid for classes flow directly into funding El Nahual's operations.

This program is optional for volunteers, and all levels are provided from beginner to advanced.


Teach English

When El Nahual was founded, the core idea was to give all children the opportunity to learn English.

Now El Nahual offers English classes to children of all levels and ages. We always try to cover the individual needs of every child, and assist our students to master the 4 major language skills: 1) reading; 2) listening; 3) speaking; and 4) writing.

In our opinion, strong English knowledge is essential for increased future prospects and is one of the main keys for development in Guatemalan society. The number of jobs in urban areas is increasing and the tourist industry is growing every day:

  • Every year, 2 million tourists from all over the world visit Guatemala, including Quezaltenango; and
  • Around 15% of all working Guatemalans are involved in the tourist industry.

Therefore, English language skills are required in obtaining better paid job opportunities.

English teaching programs:

1. Teaching English to El Nahual students during school.

2. Teaching English to older youths and adults after school.

3. Teaching English to older youths and adults on weekends.


"Manos de Colores" - After-school program

Manos de Colores is a free after-school program for children in surrounding areas who can attend after elementary school finishes. Volunteers can assist in providing education in Art, English, Sport or simply helping the children with any activity.

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