Become a Volunteer

El Nahual is a non-profit organisation, which is absolutely dependent on volunteers to provide free education, allowing us to fulfil our vision. Only through the dedication of our volunteers, are we able to give daily English classes to a wide range of ages and levels.

Our volunteers are teaching children, youths and adults at El Nahual.

We are constantly searching for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers, who really want to improve our students' situation with English classes.

You don't necessarily need to come from a teaching background. If you have the willingness and determination to make a difference to the children who desperately require help here, these qualities are what we are looking for. Of course professionals are always welcome!

We are looking for expert guidance in teaching as well as help in our expanding construction and administration (IT and web) areas. We have a range of projects on the go and are looking for people who can get stuck in, are flexible and those who are able to multitask are certainly welcome!

If you want to get further information about our volunteer program, take a look at our workaway page. There are always reviews from previous volunteers to give you a feel of what its like here.

What is provided for volunteers?

If you want to become a volunteer at El Nahual, we provide the following accommodation, food and education services:

  1. Spanish lessons (4 hours a day Mon-Fri, morning or afternoon);
  2. Living with a homestay (typically a student's family - private room, shared bathroom, wifi (some homestays only));
  3. Three meals a day; and
  4. Kitchen facilities and Wifi at the school.

Staying here means learning a lot about the local culture and yourself, at the same time having a positive impact on Guatemalan social development from the ground level, which is a truly rewarding experience.

What is a typical day for a volunteer?

  1. School starts at 7am for students (non-English lessons).
  2. English lessons are usually between 9.30am and 1pm for 40min each. There are no more than 3-4 English lessons per day.
  3. There is a 20min recess in the mid-morning.
  4. Students finish school around 1pm.
  5. Volunteers who enrol in Spanish lessons start at 1.30pm
  6. Manos de Colores” starts at 2.30pm until 4-5pm.

What does it cost to volunteer?

Our young organisation is not yet able to provide all this for free. Below is a summary of the costs to volunteer with El Nahual:

  • Spanish lessons - USD150 per week (20 hours per week)
  • Homestay - USD70 per week (private room, shared bathroom, 3 daily meals, Wifi)
  • Combined Spanish lessons and Homestay - USD180 (save USD40)
  • Transport from Guatemala City International Airport, including 1 night hotel stay - USD80
  • Transport from Guatemala City International Airport - USD60

How can I start?

Please contact us directly through our Contact Us page.

Alternatively, you can contact us through our profile on numerous volunteer websites:

Or if you are in Quezaltenango, you can visit us at the Center!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!